Fight Breaks out at Football Game

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I have some bad news I need to share with you guys. A fight broke out at a Bear Creek High School football game. If you guys watched the news you might already know about this, but it was a very big and bad fight. 11 people, including 7 juveniles were arrested. This happened on 9/13/19 (Last friday). A witness was at the game with her family and was cheering on her son that plays for Bear Creek. She says “The first fight broke out early in the first quarter. They were on an injury timeout and there was fighting near the entrance to the field and the cops, they handled it quickly”. As the game went on, the Bear Creek lost 48-0. When the game ended thats when all of the chaos broke out. There is cellphone footage showing multiple people fighting. Stockton police rushed to the school to help break up the fights. There were no weapons used during the fights and no one was seriously injured.

Credit to Fox 40 for this news story to make this blog possible. Go follow their blog:

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