I pHoNe 11!!!!!!!

Hey guys welcome to my new topic of…….. RANDOM STUFF!!!! Today we are talking about the new I phone 11!!! The I phone 11 is the newest I phone yet. It has 3 cameras and yea. I honeslty have no clue what the camers are called and what they do, but at least they look pretty cool. It does not have a home button, it has face ID. There are 2 types of the new I phone 11, there is the I phone 11 pro and pro max. wAiT hOld oN GuYs, I jUsT A cAll FrOm SuPeRmAn aNd hE aPpRoVeS Of tHe Iphone 11!!! i GuEss iF hE aPpRoVeS oF iT tHen I mAy aS wEll tOo!!!! HaVe a GoOd DaY GuYs! PeAcE 🙂

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