Spooderman back in the MCU!!!!

This is some great news guys, Spooderman is back in the MCU!!!! Spooderman is one of my favorite Marvel characters ever, and when Marvel announced that Spooderman isnt gonna be in the MCU anymore I got so mad and sad. The reasoning for the taking away of spooderman was because (I’m not exactly sure about this so go ahead and yell at me in the comments) Sony wanted more of the money in the deal with spooderman. Marvel denied this and they started an arguement, and it sadly ended with spooderman getting taken. We got news on either last Friday or Saturday, that Sony and Marvel made a deal about spooderman, and now hes COMING BACK!!! Tbh guys I think this was all a set up by Marvel and Sony just to mess with spooderman fan’s feelings, what do you guys think? Comment down below! Oh wAiT gUyS i jUsT gOt a CaLl fRoM SpOoDeR MaN aNd He sAiD tHat hE iS ExCiTeD tO bE bAcK WiTh mR.StArk aNd tHe ReSt oF tHe cReW! HoPe yOu eNjoYed tHe bLoG…… PeAce! šŸ™‚

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