Shower thoughts…. part 1

If a person is blind, and have a dream, can they see it?

Do crabs think fish are flying?

Why are buildings called buildings if they are already built?

Are fish homeless, or are the always at home?

If a classroom isnt a place to sleep, then a house isnt a place to study

Are computers alive or dead?

Are phones eternal, because when they die they can be charged back to life again?

Is Faze Jarvis’s dad, Tony Stark?

If zombis are real then whats the point of cementary?

Will we ever run out of hair?

What idiot decided to name it a “vet” instead of a “dogter”?

Why is a pizza box square if the pizza is a circle and the slice is a triangle?

Why can’t we text 911 just in case we hiding from a serial killer and don’t want them to hear us?

I wish we had the ability to dream together with other people, like multiplayer dreaming

If wisdom teeth were actually wise, they would know how to grow properly

Maybe plants are really farming us, giving oxygen until we eventually expire and turn into mulch which they consume

Hope you enjoyed the blog, comment down below if you this little series im starting. Peace 🙂

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