The black panther is soooooo cool. I really liked how they did the movie it was amazing. Again… the movie was great. Even though it came out in 2018 it was still a great movie. In my opinion, it was the MOTY (MOVIE OF THE YEAR). If some you guys dont know who the all amazing black panther is (idk how you dont know) this is a summary of his origin.

I am using the movie version since I do not own the original copy of the black panther comic. So it goes like this…… T’challa is the prince (about to become king) of Wakanda after his fathers death in Captain America: Civil War. So there is a battle in Wakanda where anyone who wants to be the king of Wakanda has to fight the up and coming king… but the up and coming king gets the urb that gives the black panther strength and speed. Did I mention that the king automatically becomes the black panther.

Anway, all of the tribes spectating do not want to battle to become king, as so it seems…. Out of no where the king of the mountains king M’boku challenges T’challa. T’challa wins the battle and becomes the king of Wakanda. Out in Oakland, California…. T’challa’s cousin Erik Killmonger (who goes by “Killmonger”) is wanting revenge to Wakanda for his fathers death from the last black panther. When Killmonger finally gets to Wakanda he challenges T’challa to become king T’challa loses the fight and gets thrown off the waterfall where everyone thinks he is dead, and Wakanda’s new king is Killmonger. This is all I am going to write today, I will post a part two of what happens after Killmonger becomes king. Have a great day and remember…. Silence your phone before the movie starts. Thanks for reading…. Peace 🙂


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