Alright here is the part two of black panthers origin story (that I am taking from the movie from 2018). I left off at killmonger being king, if you havent already read the first part then I suggest you do that, I will leave a link at the bottom of the blog so you can go read the first one if you havent already.

After Killmonger became king he wanted a lot of things to change, the first thing he did was have the people working in the farms to burn all the urbs that give the black panther the strength and speed (Keep in mind he already had one right after they declared him king and as the new “black panther” the urb can only ware off if you make it ware off with another urb to “strip away” the power off the black panther). So after they burn all of the crops Nakea (T’challa’s girlfriend) sneaks an urb right before all of the urbs are burned. After all the urbs are burned Killmonger was in the royal room talking to all the leaders of the different tribes stating that he wanted Wakanda to come out from hiding from society and help those in need with vibrainium (one of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe).

All off the tribes reject and say no, that he shouldn’t do that, except for the leader of battle who works for Killmonger (because he is king) who said yes and stated that he has heard that there are people out in the world that they can help with the technology that they have in Wakanda. Killmonger agrees and decides to tell all the soldiers to send out some planes out off wakanda into the real world to deliver vibranium. While all of that is happening Shuri (T’Challa’s sister), Nakea, and T’Challa’s mom go to the kingdom of M’boku who lives in the mountains (they call him the “White Gorrilla” in the comics but the movie didnt use it because of racial purposes, so Im not gonna use it either). They are going to M’boku’s kingdom to see if he could help them defeat Killmonger and save Wakanda.

While they are there M’Boku shows them the body of T’Challa ALIVE. They are holding him in snow to keep him alive and M’boku stated that the fishermen found him and decided to help him. It was a little prize for T’Challa not killing him during the challenge (which was legal). A life for a life. Nakea hands T’Challa’s mom the urb and she grinds it up to liquid, and pours it into T’Challa’s mouth to revive him and give him the strenth of the black panther. T’Challa awakes and Shuri gives him the nekalace that turns on the black panther suit onto him. And so they head to Wakanda to stop Killmonger from releasing those planes out off Wakanda. It is a huge war against their own people and M’boku joins in with an army to help T’challa beat Killmonger.

Shuri and Nakea fight Killmonger as Killmonger has the golden black panther suit on. They battle it out and as soon as Killmonger is about to kill Shuri, T’challa jumps in with his suit on and they fall into Shuri’s train track. (The trains deliver vibranium across Wakanda and she has this machine to temporarly deactivate the vibranium while it is on the train, because it is so heavy). The two black panthers start fighting when T’Challa gets the idea to get Shuri to turn on the machine that deactivates the vibranium so that they wont have protection. Shuri turns it on and a train comes by dividing the two panthers on each side. Killmonger says that he doesnt need a suit to kill him, and when the trains stops, they start fighting again.

The two hit each other so hard they fall off the track and Killmonger finds the knife he used to try to kill Shuri with and trys using it against T’Challa. As soon as they get back on the track the machine turns back on and Killmonger tries to stab T’Challa. T’Challa knocks it out of Killmongers hand causing it to fly up. T’Challa does a flip over Killmonger, grabs the knife in midair, and stabs Killmonger right in the heart. Killmonger and T’challa are cousins so T’Challa feels bad for stabbing him. Killmonger stated that his dad always told him that he would take him to Wakanda one day to see the sunset, but his father died. So T’Challa takes him up to a very high rock to see a good view of Wakanda and to see the sunset. Killmonger said that his dad was right about the sunsets saying they were beutiful.

T’Challa states that he could help Killmonger heal, but Killmonger denies and says “Why so you can just lock me up, naw im good man, I wanna go to see my ancesters in the water”. Killmonger pulls the knife out of his chest and dies. T’Challa stops the war and starts thinking about letting the world know about vibrainium, knowing the dangers of people wanting it. He goes to Oakland, CA and buys a few buildings, tears them down to make their very own Wakanda speaking center where he will let the world know about Wakanda. T’Challa becomes the official Black Panther and is helping others with the vibrainuim instead of keeping it to himself.

That is all for the Black Panther origin story. Let me know if you liked it in the comments below. I am not going to put the link because you guys could just go to my account and find it there. Thanks for reading my blog, have a good day, and remember all air is the same. 🙂


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