What Im Doing during quarantine

Quarantine, its now day 3,000 of quarantine and people are protesting to get out of it. It stopped us from hanging out with friends, doing social gatherings as in parties and going to the movie theaters and stuff. I understand how people are really getting so bored and angry that they wanna protest against something that could keep you safe, but theres other things to do in quarantine too. Which brings me to the topic of todays post. Yes I know its not Marvel, but I feel like people might need this blog post. One of the things I do during quarantine is play video games. Video games is like a stress reliever, well for me I guess. It also gives you something to do instead of just sitting around looking at the celing everyday. Another thing I do is school work (because Im forced to) it keeps you occupied too. I dont know if thats the kind of occupied you want but hey, you do you. Imma give you one last thing I do, this one is only exclusive to people who have siblings. I annoy my sibling. Nothing keeps me more occupied than making my sister scream at me. Im just joking, it just gives something to do from time to time.


Anyway thanks for reading my blog. Have a good day. And stay positive.


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