Disney Plus shows that got delayed (Marvel) Part 2!!!

Todays Marvel disney plus show im gonna talk about is “Wanda-Vision”. Wanda-Vision was a show that was supposed to come out on disney plus for Marvel. We got a first look at the show on a superbowl commercial. I dont really have a lot of info about this show besides what I think it is. I think that this show is set in probabl another timeline, because vision passed away in infinity war, this must be another timeline. So maybe in this timeline Wanda has finally learned to control her powers and all of the stuff she can do with those powers. In the trailer it showed a lot of costume changes for Wanda, referencing classic sitcoms and more. But one thing that really stood out to me was the passifires that were shot as wanda from a crib, which means that vision and wanda had kids! This show was cancelled half way into production aswell and we will most likely see it come out long after it should have because of COVID-19. Thanks for reading my blog and have a good day!


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