Disney Plus shows that got delayed part 3 (Marvel What If Series)

Today is the 3rd and probably last part until I get info about another marvel disney plus series, today I am going to talk about the Disney Plus series “What If”. This show is actuly based off a comic book series where all of the questions the kids asked and said what if, pretty much they made that into a comic. We actually explored one of the “What If” stories in endgame. Smart Hulk. This was actually a comic about what if bruce banner and the hulk murged, how would that look. And the director of Marvel decided to put that into endgame (which I LOVED). The what if series first episode is said to be “What if Peggy Carter got the supersoldier serum instead of Steve Rodgers. We don’t know anythig about the next episodes but what we do know is that they are using the actual actors that played those characters in the MCU to play the animated versions of themselves which I think is great. Thats all for today! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!!!!!!!


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