Warriors are in the Championships!!!

Last night the warriors played and won their final game against the Trailblazers and it was the best game yet!!!! If you read my last blog you would know that I actually predicted the warriors getting a blow out against the Trailblazers. The Trailblazers were in the lead at first and the warriors came back with a 2 point difference for the win! The score for the game was 119-117. It was a very close game, but the warriors played great defence and kept the same energy like it was 0-0. I am so glad the warriors won this game and that they are in the championships now. We will see who the Warriors will play for the Championships and I will write a blog about it. Thanks for reading my blog. Peace 🙂


Warriors are gonna have a blow out!!!!

The warriors are beating the Trailblazers 3-0 and I think the next game they are going to play they are going to win and be in the Championships. I am so excited for this next game and the warriors have it in the bag. I bet that the warriors will win the championship 3rd time in a row. Sorry this blog is short. Peace!!!!

Warriors vs Trailblazers!!! Game 2

Tonight the warriors play the Trailblazers game two. As of right now the warriors are in the lead 1-0 and I am excited to see who is gong to win this one. I loved how Curry’s mom wore double sided jerseys, Seth Curry in the front and Steph Curry in the back. Kevan Durant is stil out because of the injury so they wil be playing thier third game without KD. But he will be back on Saturday, and the warriors will have him again. I am so excited to see who will win game 2. Thank you for reading. 🙂

Warriors beat the Rockets!!!!

A few days ago the warriors beat the Rockets for that series, they are now going to play the trail blazers, and I am so excited. The trailblazers are a really good team and I am so excited to see who is going to win the series. The warriors had a great competition against the Rockets but now they are going to have a greater one. The warriors are a great team and I believe that it is going to be a really close game against the trailblazers. I don’t even know who will win this series. Comment down below who you think will win the series. Thank you for reading my blog. Peace 🙂

Warriors finally got the lead again!!!!

Last night the warriors played the best comeback game ever. Well at least that I have seen. Everyone was making their shots and focusing on defence. I feel like Klay really started them off with a good lead, and they kept that lead till the very end. We just need to win one more game, then we are off to the next team. I am so excited. The series is almost over and closer and closer they get to the championship. Thanks for reading. Peace:)

Warriors played the Rockets again!

A few nights ago the Warriors played the Rockets and the Rockets Refs need better glasses. They kept calling fauls on almost everyone who guarded Harden. Because Harden kept faking his fauls by being over dramitic or purposly missing his shots and yelling HEY!!! The Rockets even won the game to make it worse for all of you Warriors fans out there, if you are a Rockets fan, then congrats your team won 1 game. The score was 121-126 and the game made it all the way to overtime until the Rockets finally won. I hope we beat the Rockets and move on to the next team. Thank you guys for reading and hope you enjoyed. Peace 🙂

Bucks vs Celtics

Tonight the Bucks are going to play the celtics for the lead. As of right now the series is tied 1-1 and is about to change tonight at 5. I am so excited to see who will finally make it to the championships and win this year, which is going to be so soon. Are you guys excited for the championships, who do you guys think is going to win. Comment down below your favorite team. Thanks for reading. Peace 🙂

Warriors vs Rockets

Last night the Warriors played the Rockets and there was a lot going on. Sorry I didn’t do blogs yesterday and Monday because I was very sick. I was still able to watch the basketball game though. There a few injuries, but everyone still kept playing. It all started when Curry dislocated his middle finger, then Harden got poked in the eyes by Draymond, which made them bloodshot red, and KD fell on his tail bone. I know thats not really an injury but it hurt. The warriors played a great game and won 115-109. I am so excited to watch the next one. Peace 🙂

Spurs vs Nuggets

Tonight the Spurs will play the Nuggets. As of right now they are tied 2-2 and I am excited to see who will gain the lead after this game tonight. I am really leaning towards the Spurs gaining the lead. They are a really good team and have great play to go along with it. Nuggets on the other hand are also a good team, but their plays don’t always go how it is planned it is supposed to. But they are doing really good so far, tying up with the Spurs. Who do you guys think will win this game. Comment down below. Thank you for reading!!!! Peace 🙂

Rockets vs Jazz

Tonight the Rockets are going to play the Jazz and it is going to be the 4th game of the playoffs. The Rockets are winning 3-0 and I think they might blow out. Who knows, maybe the rokets might make it to the championships instead of the lakers, or even the warriors. The rockets are a really good team, and I won’t be surprised if they got to the championships and probably win. What do you guys think? Comment down below. Thanks for reading. 🙂